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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter - a time for introspection

by Brant Secunda

Hello from the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. Today is the first day of the season of winter. I want to personally wish everyone a beautiful winter solstice, a time of inner light. During this time of the solstice, your hearts and souls fill up with love and light. In this way our soul hopefully becomes brighter and our heart is open to the power of introspection, of going inside to find balance and harmony. The earth becomes quieter at this time and inherently and naturally charges herself up with the creative power of introspection. It is also a time for us as people to find our inner brightness and build character. Our character is constantly surrounded by qualities of life that make us who we are. Don Jose always told me to work to be a good person, to build a positive character and appreciate the gift of life. I am sitting in front of my fireplace remembering these wise words of wisdom.

On this first day of winter, the winter solstice, I am reflecting upon the beautiful year that has just transpired. Last winter our book, Fit Soul Fit Body, had just been published and since then it has spread around the world. I hope our book has helped to truly transform people in a positive way. It is important to build a soul with inner character and strength, as well as to develop a strong body. Together a fit soul and a fit body can help not only people but our earth and environment as well.

An exercise to practice during this season of winter to build character is to imagine you soul in the center of your heart. At this place is also your character that gives you strength on an emotional level. Imagine your soul or character surrounded by love, physical strength, intuition and intelligence or moral strength. I hope this helps you go through this season of light in a joyful way.

Have a happy and joyful Holiday Season.


  1. Thank you Brant. I loved the book and am looking forward to seeing more from both you and Mark here. Thank you Nico for making this blog happen! Happy Holidays to you, Barbara & Nico and wishing you all a great adventure and safe return from Germany.

  2. Thanks very much Brant and thanks for the powerful words.

  3. Hi from Ontario Canada, When I first seen your book published, I know I had to read it. This year started out as 2009 finished, with a lot of pain from a bad hip. On Aug 16th I had a hip replacment operation. Whithin two weeks I was riding the indoor bike and walking pain free for the first time in years. I have enjoyed reading the book and have used many fit soul teachings to begin enjoying life again, I plan to be racing triathlons again by next summer and will use fit body schedules to reach new levels again, Thank you Mark and Brant, Dave Harrison


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